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HvS IOC Signatures


Since HvS-Consulting is handling incidents for multiple years now, we collect sets of IOCs - mainly YARA rules - on a regular basis. Occasionally also sets are created by our team due to internal research. In order to help the community with Threat Hunting and Incident Response, we would like to share selected sets of IOCs from time to time in this repository. These IOCs have great value for threat hunting or the improvement of security monitoring within organizations.

Even if we try to avoid false positives by manual QA, those rules are not meant to be used in production without previous dry runs.


As we focus on hunting and specific threat actors, we decided to create a directory per actor, containing various common IOC types like:

  • YARA Rules* to find indicators in files, registry entries, event log messages, process memory, ...
  • CSV files with indicators including some context which should increase actionability in case of matches
  • Lists e.g. of malicious IPs and Domains

* Some rules might require THORs or LOKIs extensions of YARA to be fully supported.

IoC Types and Rules

The following types and rules apply to the <group>/HvS_<group>_<year-month>_IOCs.csv files in the respective subfolders. There might be additional files with more information about the IoCs.

Type Description
DOMAIN Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN): No protocol, no ports, no paths
URL Includes a protocol, a FQDN, and a path if available
IPV4 IPv4 Address
IPV6 IPv6 Address
FULLPATH The full path to a file including the filename itself
FILENAME Only the filename without any path information
REGISTRY A registry key includes its hive (HKCC, HKCU, HKLM, HKU, HKCR) and a full path to that key
MD5 MD5 Hash
SHA SHA-1 Hash
SHA256 Sha-256 Hash
PROCESSARGS Full path of a process and passed arguments
STRING Any specific string that does not fit in any of the above categories

The CSV file containing the IoCs adheres to the following rules:

  • The CSV file contains 3 columns: Type, Data, Note
  • Type may only be one of the pre-defined value in CAPS
  • Data contains the actual IoC
  • Note is a short description of the IoC. If spaces are needed, the note is surrounded by quotes
  • If possible, Windows environment variables are used for specifying a path (e.g. %TEMP%, etc)
  • Environment depended variables will be replaced with an identifier and surrounded in with the < and > signs (e.g. <username>)


Is there a scheduled update interval of IOCs

No we release new IOCs only occasionally.

How should false positives be reported?

You can just use the issues section of this repository.

I want to know more about HvS-Consulting AG

More information can be found at our website


Creative Commons License

All IOC sets, YARA rules and other information in this repository, except created by 3rd parties, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


Repository with selected IOCs and YARA rules for threat hunting.