Data Modeling repository for HyBox (ontologies, vocabularies, best practices, requirements, etc)
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Hydra in a Box data model documentation

Build Status

This data model documentation is built using GitBook, supported by a set of Gulp tasks.

Getting started

You will need a working install of NodeJS and NPM to get started. On macOS:

$ brew install npm

Clone the remote repository:

$ git clone
$ cd models

Install the dependencies for this project:

$ npm install
$ gitbook install


Edit, and then to preview your changes:

$ gitbook serve

To build a static version to the _book directory:

$ gulp build

To clean out the build directory:

$ gulp clean

Publishing to GitHub Pages

Ensure all your changes are committed, and then run the following:

$ gulp publish

Optional: Building ebooks (PDF, ePUB, and MOBI)

GitBook allows for publishing ebooks as part of the process, but adds a dependency on Calibre. See the GitBook documentation for more information.

On macOS:

$ brew tap Caskroom/cask
$ brew install Caskroom/cask/calibre

To build the ebooks (into the _book) directory:

$ gulp build-ebooks


Automated builds run on Travis-CI. Follow the GitBook installation instructions to get a working GitBook environment if the above doesn't work.