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Zelda-like Project, made using Solarus
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ZL-project is an open-source project to make a game that works with Solarus, an open-source adventure 2D game engine. (See below for further information).

ZL means "Zelda-like", so this is NOT in Zelda's world, but it looks like it.

For the moment, there are only images and this is not a game, but just things that could be integrated in your project.

About Solarus

Solarus is an open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine written in C++. It can run games scripted in Lua. This engine is used by our Zelda fangames. Solarus is licensed under GPL v3.

If you want to create your own games with the Solarus engine, see also Solarus Quest Editor, the Solarus game creation software.

See Solarus website to get more information and documentation about using the Solarus engine. The compilation instructions can be found in the compilation.txt file or on the website.

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