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I2PChat (formerly I2P Qt Messenger)


For I2PChat based on Flutter (including Android target) and maybe more platforms in the future:

  • BTC: 36GLhgAo8JwdxH1ATjHJ7bLK37mUbKaRHw
  • GOST: GX41zZcqKy81CzyDCmnpRtpCKpR1fwEDet


screenshot-roster screenshot-chat


  • Direct peer-to-peer communications without server requirements
  • File transfer between contacts
  • Control online visibility on a per-contact basis
  • Optional, customizable b32.i2p web page to display profile
  • Emoticon support

Current news

  • July, 2020

    • Set ECIES and ED25519 as default sigtype/encryption
    • Add support for optional web page to display user profile at .b32 address
    • Remove insecure DSA_SHA1 from Signature Types
    • Add ECIES (Ratchet) encryption type to new profiles (UI option coming soon!)
  • June, 2020:

    • Fixed crash of close chat window
    • Fixed crash of url link in chat
    • Added $HOME/.i2pchat/ directory support for using from /usr/bin
    • Pre inited optarg
    • Core changes
    • Ci pre-inited. Works for windows now
    • Created .deb package for ubuntu/debian x86_64
    • Created Windows build for 32 bit, which will works on 64 bits
    • Design changes
    • Fix offline message crash
  • June, 2020: dr|z3d starts work on renovating the user interface

  • 5 Jan, 2017: Original repo at http://git.repo.i2p/w/I2P-Messenger-QT.git was fully merged here

Build instructions

  • Install prerequisites:
sudo apt-get install qt5-qmake qt5-default build-essential libqt5multimedia5 qtmultimedia5-dev libqt5svg5-dev
  • To prepare for compilation, run qmake:

    • Release: qmake "CONFIG += release"
    • Debug: qmake "CONFIG += debug"
  • To compile:

    • make -j NUMBER_OF_PROCESSOR_CORES e.g make -j8
    • or make to compile single-threaded

Downloads (pre-built binaries)


On Linux, make creates I2PChat executable in the current folder. Run it with ./I2PChat.

  • You will need to enable the SAM application bridge in your router: for Java I2P via Client Configuration or for i2pd via i2pd.conf's [SAM] section.
  • As of version 0.2.31, the DSA_SHA1 Signature type is no longer available. The recommended (and default) Signature Type is now: EdDSA_SHA512_Ed25519
  • Select 'Online' from the dropdown menu on the main window. When you first go online, your unique address (Destination) will be created when connecting to SAM
  • Your settings and contacts will be stored in ~/.i2pchat/ on Linux-based systems, or %APPDATA%\Roaming\I2PChat\ on Windows


Licensed under GPLv2.



  • To the German anonymous guy who is the author of original code for I2PQtMessenger AKA i2pchat,
  • to eche|on and kytv for the work on it and preserving the source code for it at various places,
  • to anonymous contributors who took part in the project and commented,
  • to drz3d for community organisz::::*zsation skills and work and commits of graphics and commits of code made by more or less anonymous programmers, and
  • to wipedlifepotato for the failures healings/bugfixes healthy patches that wipedlifepotato submitted to drz3d (and drz3d committed them to the codebases and forks of i2pchat, for the community benefit).
  • Special Thanks are also to forgotten unknown contributors and
  • to others who took part in the i2pchat project!


... --- And Please Be Good!* Otherwise Good Creatures Will Find You And Prosecute!* +8*


πŸŒ€ i2pchat. Anonymous private secure opensource chat using end-to-end encrypted transport.







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