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Postgres annotations
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conf Enable Sentry logging for production websocket server
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scripts Add script for migrating Elasticsearch annotations to Postgres
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.gitattributes Do not show vendored PDF.js in language stats
.gitignore Ignore temp directories generated by CSS preprocessing in h/static/
.hound.yml Add jshint and hound config
.jscsrc jscs: Require `function () {}`
.jshintignore Add jshint and hound config
.jshintrc Warn if Promise is used as a global
.prospector.yaml Allow `id` as a valid name (prospector)
.travis.yml Fix Travis Slack configuration
CHANGES Release version 0.8.15
CONTRIBUTING.rst Add more detail to CONTRIBUTING.rst
Dockerfile Remove versioneer in favour of simpler version management
LICENSE Switch out jschannel for frame-rpc Ensure account blacklist is included in sdist
Makefile Use to define sdist includes
NOTICE Switch out jschannel for frame-rpc
README.rst Fix broken links in README Switch main web worker to default worker class
package.json Fix client-side router on site
requirements.txt Simplify server-side authentication code
setup.cfg Remove versioneer in favour of simpler version management Use to define sdist includes



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Hypothesis is a tool for annotating the web.

  • A service for storing community annotations
  • An account system for user registration
  • Authorization for client applications
  • A browser-based annotator client featuring:
    • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
    • A bookmarklet
    • A publisher embed code

Installation and deployment

See the Installation guide for instructions on deploying h in a production environment.


See the Contributor's guide for instructions on setting up a development environment and contributing to h.


Join us in on freenode for discussion.

If you'd like to contribute to the project, you should also subscribe to the development mailing list and read our Contributor's guide. Then consider getting started on one of the issues that are ready for work. Issues tagged with the label 'New Contributor Friendly' are ideal for those just getting started.


Hypothesis is released under the 2-Clause BSD License, sometimes referred to as the "Simplified BSD License" or the "FreeBSD License". Some third-party components are included. They are subject to their own licenses. All of the license information can be found in the included LICENSE file.

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