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Vixio has been fully rewritten! This means you will most likely have to rewrite your bots from the ground up. I would like to publicly thank @Pikachu920 for his large contributions in making Vixio 2 even possible, I can not thank him enough for the work he put in. May it be writing code or just confidence boosting at the start of this rewrite. I would also like to thank @Snow-Pyon for the continued support all throughout the creation, he was able to help guide the direction of the project which was largely needed when the rewrite began. He stopped many Vixio 1 flaws from making it into Vixio 2. The best source of documentation can be found in the Vixio Discord, where there are many built examples and the Vixio Butler bot with its lookup command, along with your Syntaxes.txt file of course.

Important Notes

  • Vixio 1 will no longer be supported, getting support converting is allowed but no Vixio 1 support will continue to be provided
  • The syntaxes.txt file still exists and is a good source of documentation.
  • The Vixio discord will be the best place to find examples and get support
  • Vixio 2 is in no way compatiable with Vixio 1.

General Changelog:

  • Vixio now has a command system! Checkout the Vixio discord for examples!
  • All of the syntax have been made to make using Vixio easy! This means assumed values in events and a large cut off for the need to include the bot everywhere like Vixio 1..
  • Vixio now has its own event system to make adding new events on suggestion stupidly simple.
  • Vixio has it's owner changer like system that allows you to change expressions like topic of channel with ease! set topic of event-channel to "hey"
  • A more clean logo provided by PARA6ON#9398
  • The implementation of scopes to allow for much cleaner syntax and building like patterns.
  • The Syntaxes.txt file has been rewritten to actually be readable and usable.

@iBlitzkriegi iBlitzkriegi released this Sep 14, 2017 · 420 commits to master since this release

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The last release was just buggy all around due to me currently rewriting Vixio and not messing with that code, I found it had a few new issues so I reverted it back to 1.1.3 and just fixed the login issue caused by Discord and the returning of incorrect values. You can follow the rewrite in the rewrite branch of the Vixio repo! If you have issues on startup with this build try deleting your Vixio folder and restarting the server.

✔ Fixed event-message returning raw content instead of id in some instances
✔ Made all syntax return null propery
✔ Created custom Documentation object for registration
✔ Fixed errors with user start streaming event
Jul 24, 2017
Update DocsStuff.java
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New audio player and many, many new things! Along with the obvious bug fixes."

✔ Added ability to use client accounts, AKA Selfbots
✔ Made login effect not block main thread
✔ Added support for using RGB colors in a Embed
✔ Fixed condition to check if a user has a role.
✔ Fixed make role effect making a textchannel
✔ Fixed owner of expression not taking in the Guild ID you provide...
✔ Fixed region of guild expression
✔ Added ability to loop through invite codes in a Guild
✔ Added converter to convert Role objects into ID's
✔ Re-wrote RolesInGuild expression, so it'll actually work now. I was new when I made it...
✔ Modified NameOf/IdOf/MentionOf to be less resource needy and get you the information you need much quicker.
✔ Deleted Last Send By User expression, it never worked anyways
✔ Made it so you can use reply with in the bot send event, for selfbots
✔ Added a way to kick users
✔ Added a way to ban users
✔ Convert to cleverbot api
✔ Re-wrote player processing system
✔ Re-wrote player data retrieval system
✔ Updated to current version of Lavaplayer
✔ Added support for SoundCloud back
✔ Fixed bug where you couldn't upload a file unless it had a message
✔ Added ability to send files to users
✔ You now must use "discord name of` as to not interfere with Skript's "name of %itemstack%" expression
✔ Added config.yml to input cleverbot API key into
✔ Added new command! /vixio 
✔ Added /vixio reload to reload that new config.yml from ingame.
✔ Added ability to check who the owner of a message is, a condition.
✔ Added event for when bot sends a private message
✔ Added mentions in message %message%
✔ Removed classes to check if mentions in message is more than/less than
✔ Fixed missing zero in front of the position of track expression
✔ Added a way to check if a message is editied, a condition

@iBlitzkriegi iBlitzkriegi released this Apr 9, 2017 · 423 commits to master since this release

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Added most requested features

✔ Converted to proper way to register event-values
✔ Fixed codeblocks not sending
✔ Revert back to previous Syntaxes.txt file
✔ Add event values to the voicechannel leave event
✔ Get streaming URL of a User in the user start streaming event
✔ Upload file support
✔ Added check for loggin in to make sure you only do it once 
✔ Set name of VoiceChannel 
✔ Add ability to edit messages 
✔ Added expression for system time to calculate ping!
✔ Fixed return values for owner of guild
✔ Fixed return values for users in guild
✔ Deleted duplicate plugin.yml
✔ Updated cleverbot API
✔ Made nickname of user return the users Username if they have no Nickname
✔ Set role mention state via a Boolean

@iBlitzkriegi iBlitzkriegi released this Mar 6, 2017 · 424 commits to master since this release

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New Events, expressions and multiple bug fixes

New Event(s)

[discord ]guild message sent by %string%
[discord] add reaction to message seen by [bot] %string%
[discord] user start streaming seen by %string%

New Expression(s)

join discord date of user %user%
join guild [with id] %string% date of user %user%

Fixed Thing(s)

The entire AudioPlayer ;O
All of the getters for information about Users

@iBlitzkriegi iBlitzkriegi released this Feb 8, 2017 · 425 commits to master since this release

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New Events and made all the syntaxes more new Skript user friendly!
New Event(s)

[discord] user avatar update seen by %string%
[discord] text[-]channel created seen by %string%
[discord] text[-]channel deleted seen by %string%
[discord] user avatar update seen by %string%

New Effect(s)

vixio add reaction %string% to message %message%

New Expression(s)

user with name %string%
members in guild [with id] %string%
[discord] size of (guild|server|voicechannel) %string%

Fixed Expression(s)

users of bot %string%

@iBlitzkriegi iBlitzkriegi released this Jan 20, 2017 · 428 commits to master since this release

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Fixed and added to the Audio Player...A issue deleted most of the code that I had for this update so I had to download it all from Github and start from there again..
Fixed Effect(s):

[discord] play audio %string% with [audio] player [named] %string%

New Effect(s)

send embed %string% to user %user% with %string%

New Expression(s)

volume of player [named] %string%