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@digitalentity digitalentity released this May 13, 2016 · 5209 commits to master since this release

Ok, looks like we are finally ready to 1.1 release. Everything is merged and somewhat tested.


  • Config will be erased.
  • Re-tuning your aricraft PIDs is a STRICT requirement


  • Changed biquad to pt1 filter for PID D-term (lower phase shift, better tunability)
  • Ublox GPS code changed to improve SBAS handling
  • GPS nav_model replaced with dyn_model (possible values PEDESTRIAN, AIR_1G, AIR_4G)
  • Fix sensor saturation issue
  • Fixed position estimation and mode switching issues on mag-less airplanes
  • Default banking angle 30 deg for airplanes
  • New default settings for navigation PIDs
  • Disallow looptimes < 2000 on F1 targets to prevent overload
  • Better handling of GPS loss on RTH/PH/WP
  • MSP mode ordering fixed
  • Throttle tilt compensation fixes
  • Remove limitation of groundspeed for airplane navigation
  • Removed excessive BARO filtering
  • Fixed GPS glitch detection (still not used for navigation)
  • Mute failsafe beeper if machine wasn't armed at least once
  • Air cushion effect detector for smoother takeoffs in AltHold mode
  • Fixed a bug with accelerometer calibration performance
  • Twitching when RTH passes North on airplanes fixed
  • Prevent arming if any of PH/RTH/WP modes are activated
  • Some minor changes to the mixer and PID controller to improve stability on takeoff and landing
  • Smoother RTH descent


  • New 4-way BLHeli passthough interface (not all targets)
  • Removed Rewrite and Lux PID controllers, replaced by a new one (required re-tuning)
  • Smoother self-leveling control (Level I defined LPF frequency on self-leveling responce)
  • New "HEADING LOCK" mode for tighter yaw holding (without MAG)
  • New "HOME RESET" mode for manually resetting home (RTH) position
  • New "GCS NAV" mode for follow-me and other functionality driven by groundstation
  • Scheduler optimisations by Martin Budden
  • Serial buffering by Michael Hope
  • Remove GPS SV data (report GPS HDOP instead), better GPS fix reporting
  • Beeper CLI command to selectively enable beep warnings (also adds ON_USB option)
  • Supported telemetries are now defined per-target. NAZE by default doesn't support anything but LTM
  • OLED display now shows all relevant data on one page. New "armed" picture for OLED display on some targets
  • More config options for throttle control at AltHold
  • Initial surface tracking support (not always working)
  • Removed some pre-defined mixers (fallback to QuadX if they are requested by Configurator)
  • LED_STRIP is back on NAZE targets
  • Better sonar-assisted landing detection
  • FlySky I-BUS receivers now support 10ch
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