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+# CCSpriteFloodFill
+CCSpriteFloodFill is a cocos2d-based implementation for flood fill.
+It is based upon the code posted here: by Jeston Furqueron, which in time relies on CCTexture2DMutable, by @manucorporat.
+I have applied some optimizations on that code and synthesized it into an easy to add class.
+It's fairly simple to use, you need to create your sprite instance using
+ // Create the CCSpriteFloodFill from a UIImage instance
+ UIImage * image = someImageOfYours;
+ CCSpriteFloodFill * sprite = [CCSpriteFloodFill spriteWithImage:image];
+ [sprite setPosition:ccp(someX, someY)];
+ [self addChild sprite];
+ // Fill it by specifying a position and a color
+ [sprite fillFromPoint:ccp(someX, someY) withColor:ccc4(r, g, b, a)];
+I have tested this class on an iPad 2 using this image: and it took 0.79 secs to fill it. It works pretty decent on smaller areas.
+Feel free to fork and optimize further this code.
+If you find this class helpful, I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a line @ignacioinglese.

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