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A Spigot/Bungee plugin that notifies all servers when a player successfully connects to a server.
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##Or, "stop spamming my chat box, man": join messages edition.

There are quite a few Bungee plugins that broadcast to all the servers in a Bungee network when a player joins. However, because many of them only rely on the onPostLogin() event thrown by Bungee, these plugins only report a successful connection to Bungee, and before a client actually is connected to a Spigot server. Because of this, clients who come across errors mid-join often spam the chatbox with "X player joined the network, X player left the network". This plugin is two fold: A Bungee plugin, and a Spigot plugin. Together, this ensures the "X player joined the network" is only shown when a player is confirmed to connect to a server. It also mutes server-side join messages.

The plugin relies on three libraries: the Bungee API, the Spigot API, and Google Guava.

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