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BioStar Q&A Version 2.0

NOTE: This branch is under heavy development, it should not be used by third parties until this notice disappears (posted on Jan 13, 2013)

The version of Biostar that is currently deployed can be found in branch biostar1 at

BioStar is a Python and Django based Q&A software.

Our goal is to create a simple, generic, flexible and extensible Q&A framework.

Requirements: Python 2.7


The documentation is maintained at:

The source for the documentation can be found in the docs folder.

Quick Start

From the biostar source directory:

# Install the requirements.
pip install --upgrade -r conf/requirements/base.txt

# Load the environment variables.
source conf/defaults.env

# Initialize database, import test data, index for searching and run the server.
./ init import index run

Visit http://locahost:8080 to see the site loaded with default settings.


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