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An Electron app for showing information to your live stream audience
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Live Stream Break

An app for displaying information to your live stream viewers.

You can see the app on the left and the display window on the right:


How it works


All you have to do it launch the application, attached your computer to a live video switcher (e.g. via HDMI/Mini Display) and set the display window to full screen on your output window.

Google Sheets

Grab the ID from whatever Google Sheet you want to pull info from (you can use this sheet as a template).

Remember, the ID is just this part of the example URL above: 1CPsvb5-kmFa4rSAH89j0B1Bb4DFLfK8_QlhVvwthyAU.

If you'd rather not use Google Sheets, just enter the information right into Live Stream Break!


Update content

You can either make changes on your Google Sheet, or adjust any details on the fly through Live Stream Break - they'll both work.

Grab data from a spreadsheet

Set up your schedule using a Google Sheet so that you don't have to do lots of copy/pasting during the live event.


'Talk Time' will begin a countdown timer right on your Live Stream Break display window, this will allow viewers to be kept up to date on when the event beings/continues.

There are also desktop notifications built right in so that you know when there are 5 mins, 3 mins & 1 minute left on the timer.


Use hex colours to change the branding on the display. More customisation coming in future versions!


Grab the latest version here.

Open source

You can simply clone this repo, run npm install and build features!

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