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An AMD loader plugin for Sweet.js
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require-sweet is a Require.js plugin that allows you to require sweet.js dependencies into your project. This means you can leverage macros in your JavaScript on the fly, and later during your build!



You leverage require-sweeten like any other require.js plugin! Simply place "sweeten!" before your dependency path, make sure to leave off the file extension.

define(['sweeten!a/javascript/dep-with-macros'], function(dep) {
  // dep is compiled to JS at this point.

You can also see the "example" folder, where require-sweet is being used to run a few macros.


npm install && grunt build

Implementation Details

This project leverages git submodules to embed the sweet.js project. This allows us to automate the build for a new version of the plugin as the sweet.js project moves forward. We leverage grunt to build the plugin.



The text loading mechanisms is extracted from require-cs, the work done by James Burke.


Available via the MIT or new BSD license.

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