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Inject a Google+ profile link to your Helpouts customers/providers. Provided under MIT license. Please credit me with any derivative works.


This project is NOT sponsored by Google Helpouts. It was created out of my own need to have an easier way to connect with my Helpouts clients by adding them to my Google+ circles for follow-up and future marketing. By having this Chrome Extension loaded, I am able to see a link to their Google+ profile where I can add them to one of several circles based on which Helpouts session of mine that they have scheduled.


Requires Google Chrome to operate, probably version 26 or better. It has been tested on v31 stable, v32 beta and a Canary build.


If you have a version of Chrome earlier than v33:

  1. Click on the file "helpouts helper extension.crx" in the list of files above.
  2. On the next page, look for the buttons which say Open, Raw, History and Delete. Click the "Raw" button. This should prompt Chrome to download the extension and place it in your downloads folders.
  3. In Chrome, go to the URL chrome://extensions
  4. At the top right you should see a checkbox called "Developer Mode", make sure that checkbox is checked.
  5. Copy the .crx file from here, and drag it over your browser window where you are viewing your extensions. Chrome should install it without any questions.
  6. Go to after logging into Helpouts, and see if the links show up. If not, hit Refresh.

For Chrome 33 and later:

  1. Follow the first three steps above.
  2. Rename the .crx file to have a .zip extension instead
  3. Unpack the .zip file into a folder
  4. In the Chrome Extensions page, click on the butotn labelled "Load Unpacked Extension..."
  5. Navigate to the folder where the .zip file was unpacked.

Why is this on GitHub?

As with most Chrome extensions and apps, there's usually some questions surrounding what it's really doing "under the hood" and why it requires the permissions it's asking for. By putting the code on GitHub, you can examine the code yourself to see that I'm not doing anything sneaky with your data. You can also compile your own version, make any changes you deem are necessary, or even help me fix some bugs or add new features.


The known quirk right now is that the extension doesn't always fire when you select your "Past Helpouts" or "Upcoming Helpouts". If you don't see the Google+ links appear after about 2-3 seconds, reload the page and the extension should fire properly. I'll get around to fixing this annoyance once I read up on Chrome Extensions a little more.


The Google Helpouts team will NOT give you support for this Chrome Extension. You can open an "issue" on GitHub for me, or contact me through Google+ Hangouts chat if you need assistance.


Inject a Google+ profile link to your Helpouts customers/providers







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