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Plug & Play GraphQL (pnp-graphql)-- Change Log

A library for making GraphQL API with Python/Django. This is like a flash drive, just how you plug into computer and transfer files.

Read Full Documentation here:

Quick Start

Documentation is coming soon...

  • Install from pip pip install pnp-graphql
  • Add graphene_django on top of installed apps on
  • Add pnp_graphql into installed apps on
  • Add PnP GraphQL config on settings.
    'SCHEMA': 'pnp_graphql.schema.schema'

    'ENABLED_APPS': ['example_app'],
    # If you want to use Token Authentication. Otherwise it's optional
    'AUTHENTICATION_CLASS': 'pnp_graphql.authentication.TokenAuthentication'
  • Add the following code on
from pnp_graphql.urls import urlpatterns as up

urlpatterns = [
    # ... ... ... 
urlpatterns += up
  • Set DEBUG = False for production use.

That's it :)
Now visit: http://your-ip:port/api/graphql-explorer/ for explore GraphQL built-in UI explorer for query.
Production ready API : http://your-ip:port/api/graphql/

What's working?

  • GraphQL query
  • Mutation (Create, Update, Delete)
  • Pagination
  • API filtering for Number, String, Date, DateTime
  • Authentication

What are the plans?

  • Proper error handling
  • Field validation
  • Caching
  • many more ... ... ...

Waiting for your contribution 😄