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Paint app using GWT + Canvas + RxJava
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GWT + RxJava + Canvas

A super simple painter app (based on RxPaint) developed using GWT (java to javascript framework), RxJava (event composition library) and Canvas (draw graphics via scripting).

RxCanvas with source code - screen shot

Run using mvn gwt:devmode and package using mvn package.

Deployed including sourceMaps and source code, so you can just enter here, open your preferred developer tool an navigate through the java source code.

The app demonstrates how to combine UI, request and bus events uniformly using Observables. To communicate to a remote device it uses Chrome cast, the app implements in the same entry point both the sender and the receiver code, and bind the corresponding observable if available. If you want to test the Chrome cast app locally you need to create your own application in the Google Cast SDK Developer console and use your local ip in the Receiver application URL (e.g. Once you have your Application ID you can override it executing devmode with the applicationId param (e.g. mvn gwt:devmode -DapplicationId=XXXYYYZZZ) TIP You don't need to re-cast your app to reload code changes in the receiver side, just press ctrl+r in the developer console and GWT will trigger a recompilation automatically. This works in the sender-side/normal-web-side, but I spouse you already know that.

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