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MTGAHelper Tracker local program
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MTGAHelper is a web application used along with the game Magic: The Gathering Arena.


This project contains the Installer and source code for the local program that can be installed on your computer known as a Tracker and is used to communicate with the MTGAHelper servers.

You can then use the MTGAHelper website at any time to see your cards collection statistics and a variety of information tracked for you while you enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering Arena.

See this post for an overview on how to best use MTGAHelper.

Please note that this tracker runs only on Windows for now.


  • Automatically synchronizes your log files data with the MTGAHelper servers
  • Draft helper when picking your cards during a draft
Check the Patch ntoes to know about the latest changes.


Step 1. Microsoft .NET Core 3.0 framework

The application uses the very recent framework known as Microsoft .NET Core 3.0.

You will require to install:

Note: If you are on Windows 7, you will most likely also need this Update for Windows 7 (KB2533623):

Step 2. MTGAHelper Tracker Installer

Once the framework installed, download the Tracker Installer and after the very simple setup, the tracker will be ready to run from your Desktop where a shortcut will be created.


The first time you run the tracker, you will have to provide your MTGAHelper user id to be able to synchronize your data with our servers.

You can find your user id on your MTGAHelper website profile page.


You will notice activity in the status bar any time the tracker is communicating with the servers. For example the status bar will blink and indicate Uploading log file to server... while it is uploading your data, which can take some time. You are NOT blocked by this activity and can continue playing the game normally.

Once your data is uploaded successfully, you can simply refresh the MTGAHelper website to see it updated.


If you start the tracker and nothing happens, it's probably because the program cannot find the .NET Core 3.0 framework described above. Check in your installed applications if you have this installed.

Another thing to check is that the appsettings.json file is present in the %AppData%/MTGAHelper directory. This file should be automatically created after a successful installation of the tracker.

One last thing to try is to run the tracker from a command line window by running:

dotnet "C:\Program Files (x86)\MTGAHelper\MTGAHelper Tracker\MTGAHelper.Tracker.dll"

This might give some information on why the tracker doesn't want to start.

If you are stuck at any moment, please reach us directly through our Discord server for the fastest response time or by using the contact form on the MTGAHelper website so we can assist you.

All art is property of their respective artists and/or Wizards of the Coast Inc. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. MTGAHelper is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy.
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