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Feat(comment):update valine comment version #558

merged 2 commits into from Oct 19, 2017

Feat(comment):update valine comment version #558

merged 2 commits into from Oct 19, 2017


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@xCss xCss commented Oct 19, 2017

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  • Please be sure to follow the contributing guidelines, especially for commit message
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  • Fill out the other parts from this description

If you don't do so, we might change your pull request's title and using squash to merge your changed.

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Preview Image

Verification steps

setup the settings in config file

valine_leancloud_appId: # leancloud application app id
valine_leancloud_appKey: # leancloud application app key
valine_notify: false # valine mail notify (true/false)
valine_verify: false # valine verify code (true/false)
valine_placeholder: # valine comment input placeholder(like: Please leave your footprints )

@neoFelhz neoFelhz merged commit e241cec into iblh:canary Oct 19, 2017
@neoFelhz neoFelhz mentioned this pull request Nov 1, 2017
9 tasks
HeminWon pushed a commit to HeminWon/hexo-theme-material that referenced this pull request Jan 3, 2018
* tag '1.5.2': (28 commits)
  fix(gallery): remove css async load
  Feat(comment):update valine comment version and add some attribute
  Feat(comment):update valine comment version and add some attribute
  refactor: update version code
  refactor(head): meta info
  refactor: remove combo support from lsloader
  fix(font): fix material icons base64
  style: compress the search code
  style(config): fix gittalk configurations format (iblh#569)
  docs(readme): some changes
  feat(icons): embedded the material_icons Try to fix iblh#459
  feat(i18n): Russian import (iblh#565)
  merge(iblh#563): add Dutch translation 🌐
  fix(livere): add id for ls-javascript tag iblh#546
  feat(comment): update valine comment version (iblh#558)
  change cdn
  Feat(comment):update valine comment version
  feat(gitalk): add gitalk config
  feat(comment): add gitalk
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ahjwen commented Jun 26, 2019

解决因 Valine 评论无法使用问题。


zsjsll added a commit to zsjsll/hexo-theme-material that referenced this pull request Apr 13, 2021
* feat(ls): New localstorage cleanup mechanism

* feat(comment): add livere comment system support.

* feat(qrcode): add google qrcode api support

* feat(cdn): update the config

* feat(cdn): update the file load

* feat(materialcdn): revert materialcdn configuration back

* feat(footer): footer text customize support

* feat(footer)
- fix a bug of using html tag
- add support for multi-line text

* fix/feat(coment)

- remove the livere_type config
- add dns-prefetch support for 163gentie & livere
- add sourceId support for 163gentie

* feat(footer_sns): use raw instead of base64

* fix(footer_sns): fix some issue of value setting

* feat(footer): add custom footer

* fix(sdd): remove the 'index.html' in value url.

* feat(head): minor changes

for better performance.

* feat(head): minor changes of dns-prefetch

- split the dns-prefetch
- add ``
- add `custom_font_host`

* feat(code highlight): google code prettify support (iblh#395)

* feat(prettify): minor changes

- Remove the custom_css
- Add public cdn support
- Only load prettify at post pages

* feat:(prettify): upload theme css

* feat(prettify): remove the comment of the theme css

* feat(prettify): minor changes

- load prettify.js only at post
- import prettify_css
- remove custom_css

* feat(prettify): import prettify css

* fix(footer): fix js.min.js import

* feat(head): link alternate for rss

* fix(prettify): minor fix

- fix prettify being affected by other styles
- fix background in prettify theme
- fix prettify theme import

* feat(structured-data)

- type
- author's avatar
- mainEntityOfPage

* feat(rss): improve link alternate rss type

* fix(rss): fix config.feed.type

* feat(fonts): import material icons as vendors

* fix(fonts): avoid font loading issue with ls

* feat(license): add every-post license config

* fix(fonts): fix material icons import

* fix(scrollbar): fix x-scroll when toTop show

fix(scrollbar): fix iblh#404

* fix(fonts): fix font-awsome import

* fix(background): set bing background before lazyload initialization

* feat(post): update license interface

* fix(scrollbar): fix x-scroll missing issue

* style(css): optimize (iblh#409)

* style(css): remove useless color
* style(css): remove browsehappy

* style(css): optimize (iblh#412)

- style(css): remove useless code
- style(css): compress the code

* fix(comment): 163gentie config value (iblh#417)

修复配置参数 gentie_thread_key_type 引用错误 (iblh#417)

* feat(head): minor changes

- change lsloader & queue import
- changes dns-prefetch import
- fix `X-UA-Compatible`
- add `format-detection`

* fix(comment): try `ls-javascript` to avoid issues

* fix/refactor(path): fix subdir error & refactor url concatenation

 - Use "url_for(path)" instead of "config.root + path" (ref: ).
 - Fix 404 error when site is in a subdirectory.
Closes iblh#420

* fix(permission): fix permission error

 - remove unnecessary execution permissions.

* remove(comment): remove 163 gentie

* fix(MathJax): fix case so mathjax can find its own script tag
Closes iblh#425

* refactor: move dnsprefetch to widget

* feat: add v2ex footer icon source (iblh#432)

* feat: compress the code of v2ex icon

* feat(config): use jsDelivr as an example

* chore/feat(ci): bring up travis

* feat(notag nocategory): auto detect if the post has tags/categories

* feat(toc): auto detect if the post has toc
or it will hide toc button

* fix(burger): no longer gets error when you cant see this dude

* fix: move toc detector script to footer

* fix(iblh#373): support multiple analytics system

* fix: cnzz site id value update

* feat/chore(travis): make build more faster
- remove gulp installation
- set the depth of repo clone

* revert: feat/chore(travis): set the depth
This reverts commit 5976472

* fix(lsload): error resources type.

* fix: css resources error

* fix(lsload): resources error

* feat(footer): add v2ex icon to layout

* fix: new fallback rule for vendor config
vendors -> materialcdn -> origin

* fix: material icons import
compatible with Google Fonts or CDN

* fix: try to solve 'unexpected token' during the test

* chore(travis): use Trusty as enviroment of travis

* fix: fix 'unexpected token' in the test

* fix: solve 'unexpected token' in the test

* fix: telegram icon & v2ex icon

* fix: v2ex & telegram icon

* fix(footer): fix v2ex footer issue

* refactor(footer):reduce accuracy on v2ex footer image

* fix(footer): upload raw v2ex footer file

* feat(toc): auto hide toc when generate instead of realtime js

* feat(comment): add gitment

* style(scrollbar):  become the same as sidebar

* style(scrollbar): Hidden when the mouse leaves

* fix: version string error

* refactor(footer_icon): add icon to style.css

* refactor: remove config_footer in head

* feat(comment): disqus accessible check

* fix: path 'null' error when use materialcdn

* revert: style(scrollbar): become the same as sidebar and auto-hidding

This reverts commit 19d5355 .

* ci(browserstack): using browserstack to generate preview (iblh#477)

* ci(browserstack): bring up browserstack

* ci(browserstack): fix test.js

* ci(browserstack): remove show test.js log

* ci(browserstack): add project info

* ci(config): add more config

* ci(browserstack): only test on desktop platfrom

* ci(browserstack): set timeout

* ci(browserstack): follow test.js edit

* ci(browserstack): optimize

* ci(browserstack): remove OSX_Opera

* ci(browserstack): remove real device

* ci(docsify): add docsify

* ci(docsify): fix docsify

* ci(docsify): fix docsify

* ci(docsify): use mkdir -p

* ci(docsify): fix deploy

* Add Valine comment system

* fix(comment): subdir path fix

* fix(comment): change valine.min.js link

* fix(comment):switch Valine.min.js js file to jsdelivr cdn

* ci(travis): add notification

* feat: add dns-prefetch for valine

* fix(gitment): fixed a error

* fix(css): fix css optimize fault

* feat(font): add new catnet

* feat(hanabi): add code pretty hanabi

* refactor(config): update about highlight

* fix(iblh#495)

* feat(hanabi): allow custom colors

* feat: add materialcdn support for hanabi

* style(font): add font-family for <code> tag

* style(version): update version code to 1.5.0

* fix(burger): fix console error

* chore(readme): update version color

* chore(style): update config.template

* chore(README): update render image

* chore(README): minor style changes

* Add option 'hide_license'.

* Add option 'hide_share'.

* Add option 'hide_post_info'.

* fix(comment): disqus_click button issue

* feat: update dns-prefetch

* fix(dnsprefetch):remove 'else'.

* feat(comment): add gitalk

* feat(gitalk): add gitalk config

* Feat(comment):update valine comment version

* change cdn

* feat(comment): update valine comment version (iblh#558)

* feat(comment):update valine comment version
* change cdn

* fix(livere): add id for ls-javascript tag iblh#546

* fix(iblh#553)

* merge(iblh#563): add Dutch translation 🌐

This commit adds a Dutch translation

* feat(i18n): Russian import (iblh#565)

* feat(icons): embedded the material_icons
Try to fix iblh#459

* docs(readme): some changes

* style(config): fix gittalk configurations format (iblh#569)

* style: compress the search code

* fix(font): fix material icons base64

* refactor: remove combo support from lsloader

* refactor(head): meta info

* refactor: update version code

* Feat(comment):update valine comment version and add some attribute

* Feat(comment):update valine comment version and add some attribute

* fix(gallery): remove css async load

* feat(footer_sns): add segmentfault (iblh#590)

* fix(gitment): fix an error

Uncomment "id",because gitment says "Error: Validation Failed"

* feat/fix(copyright): avoid using document.write

* feat(comment): add wildfire

Signed-off-by: Love4Taylor <>

* fix(wildfire): try to fix padding issue

Signed-off-by: Love4Taylor <>

* feat(gallery): add gallery settings

* feat(gallery): unlock information panel

* fixed(valine): fixed guest_info not working

* feat: improve accessiable reading (iblh#628)

* fix(typo): fix two typos in config (iblh#615)

change words "form" to "from"

* fix Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'contains' of undefined

* fix: solution Of 'Cannot read property' iblh#654

* feat (lang) : add language - korean

* fix(valine): attribute configurations do not take effect

* refactor: dump version

* fix: clean material localstorage

* fix: change to

* refactor: dump version 1.5.6

* chore: update README

Co-authored-by: eyhn <>
Co-authored-by: neoFelhz <>
Co-authored-by: neoFelhz <>
Co-authored-by: neoFelhz <>
Co-authored-by: zhuxiongxian <>
Co-authored-by: cubesky <>
Co-authored-by: cubesky <>
Co-authored-by: koyabr <>
Co-authored-by: TakWolf <>
Co-authored-by: bloodtox3710 <>
Co-authored-by: Kanglai Qian <>
Co-authored-by: Henry Heng <>
Co-authored-by: Halyul <>
Co-authored-by: ElderJames <>
Co-authored-by: Dotos <>
Co-authored-by: Viosey <>
Co-authored-by: ysc3839 <>
Co-authored-by: xCss <>
Co-authored-by: Wouter Janson <>
Co-authored-by: Ilya Piatrenka <>
Co-authored-by: Bobby Rong <>
Co-authored-by: 汤利俊 <>
Co-authored-by: Copyright³ <>
Co-authored-by: Love4Taylor <>
Co-authored-by: WSKaCrs <>
Co-authored-by: TLingC <>
Co-authored-by: neo Felhz <>
Co-authored-by: Rocky <>
Co-authored-by: Windman <>
Co-authored-by: wangn <>
Co-authored-by: itning <>
Co-authored-by: extracold1209 <>
Co-authored-by: lihang <>
Co-authored-by: CubeSky <>
Co-authored-by: Bo <>
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