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IBM MQ container

Build Status

Note: The master branch may be in an unstable or even broken state during development. To get a stable version, please use the correct branch for your MQ version, instead of the master branch.


Run IBM® MQ in a container.

You can build an image containing either IBM MQ Advanced, or IBM MQ Advanced for Developers. The developer image includes a default developer configuration, to make it easier to get started. There is also an incubating folder for additional images for other MQ components, which you might find useful.


After extracting the code from this repository, you can follow the build documentation to build an image.


See the usage documentation for details on how to run a container.

Note that in order to use the image, it is necessary to accept the terms of the IBM MQ license.

Environment variables supported by this image

  • LICENSE - Set this to accept to agree to the MQ Advanced for Developers license. If you wish to see the license you can set this to view.
  • LANG - Set this to the language you would like the license to be printed in.
  • MQ_QMGR_NAME - Set this to the name you want your Queue Manager to be created with.
  • LOG_FORMAT - Set this to change the format of the logs which are printed on the container's stdout. Set to "json" to use JSON format (JSON object per line); set to "basic" to use a simple human-readable format. Defaults to "basic".
  • MQ_ENABLE_METRICS - Set this to true to generate Prometheus metrics for your Queue Manager.

See the default developer configuration docs for the extra environment variables supported by the MQ Advanced for Developers image.


If you want to use IBM MQ on Kubernetes, you can find an example Helm chart here: IBM MQ Sample Helm Chart. This can be used to run the container on a Kubernetes cluster, such as the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Issues and contributions

For issues relating specifically to the container image or Helm chart, please use the GitHub issue tracker. If you do submit a Pull Request related to this Docker image, please indicate in the Pull Request that you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of the IBM Contributor License Agreement.


The Dockerfiles and associated code and scripts are licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Licenses for the products installed within the images are as follows:

  • IBM MQ Advanced for Developers (International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs). This license may be viewed from an image using the LICENSE=view environment variable as described above or by following the link above.
  • IBM MQ Advanced (International Program License Agreement). This license may be viewed from an image using the LICENSE=view environment variable as described above or by following the link above.

Note: The IBM MQ Advanced for Developers license does not permit further distribution and the terms restrict usage to a developer machine.


© Copyright IBM Corporation 2015, 2022