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I've stopped using ember and am no longer maintaining this repository. If someone is maintaining an up to date ember skeleton, let me know and I'll link to it here.


Cinder Plate
It uses CoffeeScript and SASS. Handlebars templates live in separate files (unlike the usual approach of putting everthing in the index.html) and get pre-compiled. Cinder Plate is also able to generate a production build where JS and CSS files are minified. In addition the appropriate version of Ember.js (debug or production) is included.

Brunch with Ember Reloaded
An updated version of the Brunch with Ember skeleton that uses: CoffeeScrip, Stylus, Auto Reload, and UglifyJS. The skeleton also has a script to download, build and copy the latest version of ember-data.js, generators for common types of files and tests templates.

Brunch with Ember

This is a simple ember skeleton for Brunch with working and up to date handlebars template pre-compilng :)

Getting started

Clone the repo and run npm install & brunch build. See more info on the official site

Versions (branches)

  • master contains some demo code to give an understanding of how things should work
  • empty is a clean version of the skeleton with no examples


brunch new myapp -s git://

if you wanted to use the empty skeleton branch

git clone git:// -b empty
brunch new myapp -s ./ember-brunch/

Once the project has been created, you can start a server by running

brunch watch --server

then visit localhost:3333


├── app
│   ├── app.js
│   ├── assets
│   │   ├── img
│   │   │   ├── glyphicons-halflings.png
│   │   │   └── glyphicons-halflings-white.png
│   │   └── index.html
│   ├── controllers
│   ├── initialize.js
│   ├── models
│   ├── routes
│   ├── styles
│   │   └── application.css
│   ├── templates
│   │   ├── application.hbs
│   │   └── index.hbs
│   └── views
│       └── index.js
├── package.json
├── test
│   └──
└── vendor
    ├── scripts
    │   ├── bootstrap.js
    │   ├── console-helper.js
    │   ├── ember-data-latest.js
    │   ├── ember-latest.js
    │   ├── handlebars-1.0.rc.2.js
    │   └── jquery-1.9.0.min.js
    └── styles
        └── bootstrap.css
  • contains your app configuration. This is where you configure what Plugins / Languages to use and what rules are applied to them.
  • app/ and subdirectories (excluding app/assets) contains files that are to be compiled. Javascript files, or files that compile to JS (coffeescript, roy etc.), are automatically wrapped as commonjs style modules so they can be loaded via require('module/location').
  • app/assets contains images / static files. The contents of the directory are copied to public/ without any modification.
  • app/initialize.jsis responsible for loading all the controllers/views/etc.. classes.
  • test/ contains unit tests.
  • vendor/ contains all third-party code. The code wouldn’t be wrapped in modules, it would be loaded instantly instead.

The generated output is placed in the public/ (by default) directory when brunch build or brunch watch is executed.


Software Versions used:

  • jQuery 1.9.0
  • Ember 1.0.0-pre.4
  • Handlebars 1.0 rc2


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