Convert terminal recordings to animated gifs
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ttygif converts a ttyrec file into gif files. It's a stripped down version of ttyplay that screenshots every frame.





$ sudo apt-get install imagemagick ttyrec gcc x11-apps
$ git clone
$ cd ttygif
$ make
$ sudo make install


$ sudo dnf install ImageMagick gcc
$ # install ttyrec from source patched ~>
$ git clone
$ cd ttygif
$ make
$ sudo make install

OpenSUSE Leap

$ zypper addrepo
$ zypper refresh
$ zypper install ttygif

Arch Linux

$ git clone
$ cd ttyrec
$ makepkg -i
$ cd ..
$ git clone
$ cd ttygif
$ makepkg -is


$ brew install ttygif


1. Create ttyrec recording

$ ttyrec myrecording
  • Hit CTRL-D or type exit when done recording.

2. Convert to gif

$ ttygif myrecording

On OSX optionally you can set a -f flag which will bypass cropping which is needed for terminal apps which aren't full screen. Both standard Terminal and iTerm apps are supported.

$ ttygif myrecording -f

Additional Notes

If you're getting Error: WINDOWID environment variable was empty., then you need to manually set WINDOWID.

export WINDOWID=23068679

If you're on Ubuntu, you can use xdotool to find the WINDOWID

$ sudo apt-get install xdotool
$ export WINDOWID=$(xdotool getwindowfocus)


If you're having issues, then export the TTYGIF_DEBUG env variable.


This will print out all the commands it's trying to run.


The idea and approach was adapted from tty2gif