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ownCloud on OpenShift

ownCloud is a flexible, open source file sync and share solution. Whether using a mobile device, a workstation, or a web client, ownCloud provides the ability to put the right files at their employees’ fingertips on any device in one simple-to-use, secure, private and controlled solution.

Think of ownCloud as a way to roll your own Google Drive or Dropbox on-premise solution.

More information can be found at

Running on OpenShift

Create an account at

Create a PHP application with a MySQL cartridge:

rhc app create owncloud php-5.3 mysql-5.1 cron-1.4

Add this upstream ownCloud quickstart repo

cd owncloud
rm php/index.php
git remote add upstream -m master git://
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master

Push the repo upstream to OpenShift

git push        

Head to your application at:


Default Credentials

Default Admin Usernameadmin
Default Admin PasswordOpenShiftAdmin

To download clients that will sync your ownCloud instance with desktop clients, visit

To give your new ownCloud site a web address of its own, add your desired alias:

rhc app add-alias -a owncloud --alias "$whatever.$"

Then add a cname entry in your domain's dns configuration pointing your alias to $whatever-$