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Icons8 Flat Color Icons

For High-Class Bitches

You must be spoiled by expensive gifts and won't be impressed. Stop reading.

For the Rest of Us

Now that we are alone, let us give you something: 312 free icons for personal and commercial use. No credits required.

But hey, don't get spoiled too quickly. Next time, when we present you with a Tiffany ring, at least pretend you're impressed!

Preview of Flat Icons from Icons8

There is available a live preview of the icon set.

##Good Boy License We’ve released the icon pack either under MIT or the Good Boy License. We invented it. Please do whatever your mom would approve of:

  • Download
  • Change
  • Fork

No tattoos!

More Color Icons

These 317 icons are the part of a bigger pack available for a fee: (4500 icons as of February 2017).


Installing Icons8 flat color icons

You can install this package locally either with npm, bower, or jspm.


npm install flat-color-icons


bower install flat-color-icons

Questions or Ideas?

If you have any questions or ideas about icons, please feel free to contact us any way you'd prefer