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This repo is the extension for Hangfire to build RecurringJob automatically. When app start, RecurringJob will be added/updated automatically. There is two ways to build RecurringJob.

  • RecurringJobAttribute attribute
  • Json Configuration

Using RecurringJobAttribute

We can use the attribute RecurringJobAttribute to assign the interface/instance/static method.

public class RecurringJobService
    [RecurringJob("*/1 * * * *")]
    public void TestJob1(PerformContext context)
        context.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")} TestJob1 Running ...");
    [RecurringJob("*/2 * * * *", RecurringJobId = "TestJob2")]
    public void TestJob2(PerformContext context)
        context.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")} TestJob2 Running ...");
    [RecurringJob("*/2 * * * *", "China Standard Time", "jobs")]
    public void TestJob3(PerformContext context)
        context.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")} TestJob3 Running ...");
    [RecurringJob("*/5 * * * *", "jobs")]
    public void InstanceTestJob(PerformContext context)
        context.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")} InstanceTestJob Running ...");

    [RecurringJob("*/6 * * * *", "UTC", "jobs")]
    public static void StaticTestJob(PerformContext context)
        context.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")} StaticTestJob Running ...");

Json Configuration

It is similar to, We also define the unified interface IRecurringJob. Recurring jobs must impl the specified interface like this.

[AutomaticRetry(Attempts = 0)]
public class LongRunningJob : IRecurringJob
    public void Execute(PerformContext context)
        context.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")} LongRunningJob Running ...");

        var runningTimes = context.GetJobData<int>("RunningTimes");

        context.WriteLine($"get job data parameter-> RunningTimes: {runningTimes}");

        var progressBar = context.WriteProgressBar();

        foreach (var i in Enumerable.Range(1, runningTimes).ToList().WithProgress(progressBar))

Now we need to provider the json config file to assign the implemented recurring job, the json configuration samples as below.

    "job-name": "My Job1",
    "job-type": "Hangfire.Samples.MyJob1, Hangfire.Samples",
    "cron-expression": "*/1 * * * *",
    "timezone": "China Standard Time",
    "queue": "jobs"
    "job-name": "My Job2",
    "job-type": "Hangfire.Samples.MyJob2, Hangfire.Samples",
    "cron-expression": "*/5 * * * *",
    "job-data": {
        "IntVal": 1,
        "StringVal": "abcdef",
        "BooleanVal": true,
        "SimpleObject": {
            "Name": "Foo",
            "Age": 100
    "job-name": "Long Running Job",
    "job-type": "Hangfire.Samples.LongRunningJob, Hangfire.Samples",
    "cron-expression": "*/2 * * * *",
    "job-data": {
        "RunningTimes": 300

The json token description to the configuration is here.

JSON Token Description
job-name [required] The job name to RecurringJob.
job-type [required] The job type while impl the interface IRecurringJob.
cron-expression [required] Cron expressions.
timezone [optional] Default value is TimeZoneInfo.Utc.
queue [optional] The specified queue name , default value is default.
job-data [optional] Similar to the JobDataMap, it is can be deserialized to the type Dictionary<string,object>.
enable [optional] Whether the RecurringJob can be added/updated, default value is true, if false RecurringJob will be deleted automatically.

To the json token job-data, we can use extension method to get/set data with specified key from storage which associated with BackgroundJob.Id when recurring job running.

var intVal = context.GetJobData<int>("IntVal");

context.SetJobData("IntVal", ++intVal);

Building RecurringJob

  • Building with CronJob.

In hangfire client, we can use the helper class CronJob to add or update recurringjob automatically.

//Builds within specified interface or class.

//Builds by using multiple JSON configuration files.
  • Building with IGlobalConfiguration.

Use IGlobalConfiguration extension method UseRecurringJob to build RecurringJob, in .NET Core's Startup.cs.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    services.AddHangfire(x =>


        //using json config file to build RecurringJob automatically.
        //using RecurringJobAttribute to build RecurringJob automatically.


For the json configuration file, we can monitor the file change and reload RecurringJob dynamically by passing the parameter reloadOnChange = true.