Release 1.0

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Summary of v1.0

With the move to .NET Standard and the re-licensing to MIT, effort has been put into creating a stable v1.0 API for SharpZipLib.
For more detailed notes, see Pre-release version notes.


  • The targeted frameworks are now:
    • .NET Standard 2.0 netstandard2 (Core 2.0+, FW 4.6.1+, Mono 5.2+, UWP 16299)
    • .NET Framework 4.5 net45 (Mono 4, Dependency-free on Windows 8+/2012+)
      See .NET implementation support
  • The library is now released under the MIT license. See Issue #103.
  • The legacy Stream API has been replaced by the IDisposable pattern. (Stream.Close() calls Dispose(true) by default, so it should be backwards compatible. See Stream.Close Method.
  • Encoding now works more predictably, defaulting to UTF-8 encoding and correctly specifying it as such. See ZipStrings and Unicode.
  • FastZip now prevents traversal outside of the target directory when extracting unless this is explicitly allowed. See Restrict path traversal on FastZip extraction
  • The ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Checksums namespace has been renamed ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Checksum.

Pre-release version notes



  • ZipEntry.IsUnicodeText now defaults to true
  • ZipConstants.DefaultCodePage is now called ZipStrings.CodePage (but backwards-compatible wrappers exists on ZipConstants)
    For more information, see ZipStrings and Unicode




  • Supported frameworks are now net45 and netstandard2




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