Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment
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The Multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) is a finite-element, multiphysics framework primarily developed by Idaho National Laboratory. It provides a high-level interface to some of the most sophisticated nonlinear solver technology on the planet. MOOSE presents a straightforward API that aligns well with the real-world problems scientists and engineers need to tackle. Every detail about how an engineer interacts with MOOSE has been thought through, from the installation process through running your simulation on state of the art supercomputers, the MOOSE system will accelerate your research.

Some of the capability at your fingertips:

  • Fully-coupled, fully-implicit multiphysics solver
  • Dimension independent physics
  • Automatically parallel (largest runs >100,000 CPU cores!)
  • Modular development simplifies code reuse
  • Built-in mesh adaptivity
  • Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) (at the same time!)
  • Intuitive parallel multiscale solves (see videos below)
  • Dimension agnostic, parallel geometric search (for contact related applications)
  • Flexible, plugable graphical user interface
  • ~30 plugable interfaces allow specialization of every part of the solve

More Information

For more information, including installation instructions, please see the official website:


For information on how to contribute code changes to MOOSE please see the wiki.