A button for React apps
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A button for React apps


Install the button from npm with npm install react-native-button --save. Then, require it from your app's JavaScript files with import Button from 'react-native-button'.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Button from 'react-native-button';

export default class ExampleComponent extends Component {
  constructor(props, context) {
    super(props, context);
  _handlePress() {
  render() {
    return (
        style={{fontSize: 20, color: 'green'}}
        styleDisabled={{color: 'red'}}
        onPress={() => this._handlePress()}>
        Press Me!

The React packager will include the Button component in your app's JS package and make it available for your app to use.

Container Style

You can make a button with rounded corners like this:

    containerStyle={{padding:10, height:45, overflow:'hidden', borderRadius:4, backgroundColor: 'white'}}
    style={{fontSize: 20, color: 'green'}}>
    Press me!


Contributions are welcome. Please verify that styling matches the latest version of iOS when you are changing the visual look of the buttons.