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Intelligent Deliberation Research Group

IDea is a Research Group of the Open University’s KMi focused on Collective Intelligence and Online Deliberation technologies


  • CIDashboard

    The Collective Intelligence Dashboard (CIDashboard) is a website where analytics on conversational and social dynamics can be made visible and fed back to the community for further awareness and reflection on the state and outcomes of a public debate throught visualisations and analytics.

    JavaScript 3 5 0 0 Updated Aug 22, 2018
  • DebateHub

    Debate Hub is a tool for online communities to: raise issues; share ideas; debate the pros and cons; and prioritise contributions in order to collectively organise and progress good ideas forward.

    PHP 1 3 0 0 Updated Aug 22, 2018
  • LiteMap

    LiteMap gives online communities a place to map out visually a debate that may be happening in other forums or Website. It is a place to harvest the main issues, ideas, pros and cons happening in an online debate and to connect and visualize them in the form of network graphs.

    PHP 1 8 0 0 Updated Aug 22, 2018

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