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Idea42, LLC .NET Core Templates

The purpose of these templates are to provide bootstraped applications that you can then build on and change as you need! We've implemented some of the most common items needed for coding ReactJS, Angular and WebAPI applications into .NET core apps, providing several pre-built commands (including docker stuff for those wanting to build docker containers) for you to run.


Install .NET Core here (

Installing the templates

To install our templates, simply run the following command:

dotnet new --install Idea42.NetCore.Templates::*

Uninstalling the templates

If you just absolutely hate these templates, you can remove by running the following:

dotnet new --uninstall Idea42.NetCore.Templates

Using the templates

After installation, the following templates will be avaliable.

Command Description
dotnet new reactapp Will create a new .NET Core app that wraps the react-scripts commands to build production ready ReactJS in .NET Core. Documentation
dotnet new angularapp Will create a new .NET Core app that wraps the ng commands to build production ready Angular in .NET Core. Documentation
dotnet new angularjsapp Will create a new .NET Core app that implements AngularJS's LTS version (1.7.x). Documentation
dotnet new authapi Will create a simple Authenticating API using OpenIddict to handle authentication. Documentation
dotnet new authreact Creates a combo application that implements the ReactJS template above with the AuthAPI from above. This application will run on its own without having a seperate API. Documentation


If something doesn't work, or you think we need to change something, please let us know in the issues section!


This project is meant to build .NET Core Templates/



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