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ideesculture is a small french company involved on CS for museum & cultural aspects (exhibition, natural & historical sight seeings...)


  1. meshviewer meshviewer Public

    3D OBJ file viewer in Three.JS (WebGL)

    JavaScript 20 9

  2. ca_tematres ca_tematres Public

    InformationService for CollectiveAccess. Queries the Tematres API and outputs the first page of hits to choose from. Adds URL.

    PHP 3 2

  3. nfc-reader-webservice nfc-reader-webservice Public

    NFC reader webservice, bringing to web app use

    Python 3 1

  4. museesDeFrance museesDeFrance Public

    museesDeFrance est un plugin pour CollectiveAccess

    Rich Text Format 1 2

  5. simpleListEditor simpleListEditor Public

    simpleListEditor plugin for CollectiveAccess - edit easily monolanguage lists in Providence

    PHP 1

  6. museesDeFranceDocumentation museesDeFranceDocumentation Public

    HTML 1 1


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