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An Online Citation/Meme Management Tool


Inspired by Vannevar Bush's memex, mxplx is a tool I wrote for organizing and keeping track of ideas from my readings and research. It's handy for quickly finding blockquotes to include in my writing or arguments to include in forum arguments. This software is a hobby for myself, but I'm posting it here in case anyone wants to play with it or expand on it.

mxplx has four basic objects that relate to one another like so:

  • memes: blocks of text that are idea-units. May be plain text or HTML.
  • references: associated to memes, where the memes come from. Includes google book search for easy entry of books.
  • schemas: buckets for memes. I use these for gathering notes for blog-posts or dealing with people who are "wrong on the Internet."
  • triples: used to semantically relate one meme directly to another.

Alt text

This is the copy I use personally. I've disabled the sign up for new users, but the file in this project contains over 2,500 of the memes you will see on this site. Enjoy!

This is the brochure introduction to the application. For a deeper explanation of what this is about and my original intentions, go here.

Getting Started

  • For quick installation, follow instructions in the setup.txt.
  • For db diagrams and an explanation of the framework, look in the documentation directory.


Citation management tool.




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