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Legend of the Green Dragon (LotGD), a text-based RPG browser game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon. Originally developed by Eric Stevens and JT Traub as a remake of and homage to the classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon, by Seth Able Robinson. You can play it at numerous sites, including

IDMarinas Edition part of the base of 1.1.2 Dragonprime by Dragonprime Development Team (Dragonprime) and have code of Oliver Brendel (NB Core).

With the premise of updating the core of the game without having to start from scratch and bearing in mind that I wanted to keep some compatibility with the previous version. Start developing version 2.0.0 IDMarinas Edition. This version is compatible with 99%, :relaxed:, it is impossible to guarantee 100% with the 1.1.2 Dragonprime version, so you can migrate relatively easily to this new stage of the LotGD core.

With each new version is migrating to new technologies more modern and discarding others that have remained old. To make each new version of the game's kernel as painless as possible, portions of the kernel are changed in each new version. So with each new version you will only need to review a part of your modules and correct them.

A list of modules from 1.1.2 Dragonprime that are being updated for the different versions of IDMarinas Edition is provided.

More info

  • See Changelog for more information of changes to code.
  • See Readme for additional information.


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