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Welcome to the Idris wiki!

Getting involved

Go ahead and start hacking! We're generally open to useful contributions.

If you'd like an easy place to get started, issues tagged low-hanging fruit in the issue tracker are those that we think will be fairly straightforward to implement, without requiring knowledge of the whole Idris system. Issues tagged patches welcome!, or FIXME/TODO are issues that are acknowledged, but are not priorities of the core developers at this time.

There are also several Contributions Needed. If you're in doubt, please ask a question on IRC or the mailing list.

One of the best ways to get involved is writing documentation. That would be a highly valued contribution! The beginnings of a user manual exist, and contributing to this is a great way to learn the language and associated tools.

If you need to be added to the organization (so you can have bugs assigned to you and the like), contact David Christiansen (github, mail).

Documentation and support

The documentation, the official tutorial in particular, will hopefully get you quite far in using Idris, but it must be noted that there are still some important features on which the documentation is spotty. The mailing list and the Freenode channel are active and helpful, however, if you get stuck, and once you learn something that you did not find in the documentation, do consider contributing to the tutorial or to the language reference/manual!

Feature proposals

To see proposals and development for new features please view this page.


A list of installation instructions for Platform X can be found here.

Getting more

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