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WIP Port of Rust's std to Minix

For the moment, this is set up to allow cross compiling from Linux. Other systems with Rust compiler may work, but are not tested.

make is used to build a copy of std targeting Minix. Then the cargo-minix script can be used instead of cargo to set all the necessary environmental variables so that the i586-unknown-minix target and std is available.

cargo-minix should either be run in a subdirectory of this repo, or the .cargo directory created by make must be copied.

export MINIX_TOOLDIR=~/minix/obj.i386/tooldir.Linux-4.20.1-arch1-1-ARCH-x86_64
export MINIX_ROOT=~/minix/obj.i386/destdir.i386

make update-submodules

cargo new --bin hello
cd hello
../cargo-minix build --target i586-unknown-minix --release
cd ..

cd libc/libc-test
../../cargo-minix test --target i586-unknown-minix --no-run
cd ../..

git clone -b minix
cd ripgrep
../cargo-minix build --target i586-unknown-minix --release
cd ..

NOTE: Using a nightly compiler to build std from a fork of the rust repository, as done here, is not supported and not guaranteed to work, since std depends on unstable features that may change in later compiler versions. But the correct solution requires compiling rustc from the same source tree (while takes a long time and a lot of disk space). So this should be fine, but may break at any time (which is fixed by using an older nightly, or merging upstream into the rust fork).

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