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This repo contains the host training manual for the Software Engineering Radio. We use it on the podcast to train new hosts and to keep track of best practices. The host manual is licensed under creative commons 2.5.

The repo currently contains the manual in three formats. The first two are exported from a Google doc which is the original source and single point of truth.

The third format was contributed and is not presently maintained in sycn with the first two. If I find a method of automated sync then I will keep this in sync. This is the best source to submit PRs against the manual itself. PRs that I accept I will make parallel changes to the Google doc which will show up the next time I export it.

We are interested in language translations if anyone would like to contribute. Please contact me if you are interested in doing a foreign language translation, or, open a PR and wrok on it in a branch.

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Host manual for the Software Engineering Radio



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