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Release Date: Tue, May 24, 2011 at 8:58 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release adds the wgchair tracker functionality, and also contains
some bugfixes.


  • Merged in branch branch/yaco/wgchairs from This
    provides the WG Chair Tracker functionality.


  • Changed the default initial state for a WG document to WG Document,
    instead of Call for Adoption ....

  • Labelled the link to edit a document's WG state Change WG State, in
    order to not confuse it with changing the IESG state.

  • Reordered the state information for a document into related groups,
    separated by rulers. Add some indentation to the template code to make it
    a bit easier to read in some places.

  • Made the WG a draft belongs to into a link to the WG page.

  • Corrected an inappropriate use of the idsubmission repository location
    instead of the ID repository. Reported by Robert Sparks.

  • Correct the text (add an omitted word press). Reported by Tomas Narten.

  • Fixed a problem with author extraction when a given name is the same as
    the surname.

  • Only try to return a shepherd for a document if one has been assigned
    to the document.

  • Merged in changes from, changeset [3067]. Makes
    Liaisons' Date field editable.

  • Added a bit of admin goodness for MeetingSessions.