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Summary: Improved NomCom support. IPR pages updated according to RFC 8179.
Release Date: Mon, August 28, 2017 at 8:39 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release introduces several improvements to the NomCom pages, based on
feedback from NomCom chairs. The IPR pages and forms have been updated to
refer to the current IPR RFC: 8179. There are improvements in document
adoption forms, session materials word-wrapping and linking, session
scheduling status, and improvements to the test infrastructure.


  • Fixed a problem with missing extensions for external materials URLs,
    introduced in earlier doc.href() normalization work.

  • Merged in [14062] from
    Show which RFC was in force when the IPR disclosure was submitted.
    Fixes #2309.

  • Merged in [14059] from
    Made the nomcom view-feedback table sortable. Fixes #2259.

  • Merged in [14058] from
    Further refinements to the nominee status table. Related to #2261.

  • Merged in [14057] from
    Improve the nominee status table to serve as a nomcom dashboard. Fixes

  • Merged in [14056] from
    Straightened out some DocHistory timestamps that did not align with the
    respective DocEvent timestamps. Fixes #1972.

  • Merged in [14055] from
    Improved what initial states are offered when the IRTF chair or RG
    personnel manage adoption of a document. Fixes #2319.

  • Use the wordwrap filter instead of the fill filter when displaying
    meeting minutes and similar, to avoid messing up the formatting.

  • Merged in [14053] from
    Fixed typo in the meeting materials template that was causing minutes
    for groups that met more than once to not show.

  • Merged in [14035] from
    Make it more obvious which sessions are scheduled and which are not
    when viewing session details and managing materials. Fixes #2084.

  • Simplified and corrected some code which uses doc.href(), based on the
    recent updates to href().

  • Merged in [14018] from
    Add meeting_importantdate to Secretatriat admin permissions.

  • Added an error exit when the test runner is invoked with incompatible
    switches (--parallel and --html-report)

  • Added a test to check for missing admin models, and added the admin
    models that were currently missing.