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  • Browse contents of p2 repository as a list or grouped by features
  • Filter view by installable feature id or provided capabilities
  • See composite repositories structure
  • Save repository metadata and individual artifacts locally
  • See installable unit dependency tree and list (try it, highly recommended!)
  • See installable unit direct and indirect references
  • See features that include installable unit

Building and running p2-browser locally

As of 2013-11-11, p2-browser Java WebStart Launcher appears to be broken on all recent versions of Java. To build and run p2-browser as a standalone RCP application

  • Make sure a recent version of JDK is installed and available on PATH
  • If you don't already have Maven, download latest version of Maven and untar/unzip it to a local directory
  • Clone this git repository locally
  • From base directory of the clone run the following command
    <path-to-maven-install>/bin/mvn clean package
  • RCP applications for all enabled platforms will be created under com.ifedorenko.p2browser.rcp/target/products directory. Both packed and unpacked versions are created
    ├── com.ifedorenko.p2browser.rcp
    │   ├── linux
    │   │   └── gtk
    │   │       ├── x86
    │   │       └── x86_64
    │   ├── macosx
    │   │   └── cocoa
    │   │       └── x86_64
    │   └── win32
    │       └── win32
    │           ├── x86
    │           └── x86_64
    ├── com.ifedorenko.p2browser.rcp-linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz
    ├── com.ifedorenko.p2browser.rcp-linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz
    ├── com.ifedorenko.p2browser.rcp-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.tar.gz
  • To start p2-browser, execute p2browser (or p2browser.exe, if you happen to be on Windows) from the root of RCP app for your platform.

Java WebStart Launcher

On some platforms, p2browser can be started by following this link.

If the link above does not work, which appear to be the case on some/many Linux distributions, then p2browser can be started using the following command on command line