API providing Roman Catholic church calendar data for your apps
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Church Calendar API

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Browse Roman Catholic liturgical calendar through a web interface or obtain it's data in JSON format through an API.

Powered by calendarium-romanum and grape.

Explore it on-line

Church Calendar API is a more or less RESTful read-only JSON API.

API documentation with URI examples and live links to API endpoints: http://calapi.inadiutorium.cz/api-doc

Running locally

  1. install dependencies using Bundler $ bundle install
  2. start application by $ rackup

Running your own instance on Heroku

The application works as is, you only need to create a new application in your Heroku dashboard and push the code.

Typical reasons for running your own instance include:

  • availability/reliability requirements (the reference instance is self-hosted by the author and only maintained as free time permits; it may be terminated at any time)
  • very high traffic expected
  • custom calendar data that cannot be released as open-source (e.g. because it is copyrighted by the diocese)
  • required control over data and algorithm updates (the reference instance is updated without prior notice)

Adding custom data

In order to add a new calendar:

  1. put it's data file(s) in the data directory
  2. create a new record in config/calendars.yml

Client libraries


GNU/LGPL 3 or later