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WebP with Accept negotiation

A collection of configuration scripts for serving WebP assets:

  • Check if the client advertises "image/webp" in Accept header
  • If WebP is supported, check if the local WebP file is on disk, and serve it
  • If server is configured as proxy, append a "WebP: true" header and forward to backend
  • Append "Vary: Accept" to the client response

Above sequence of steps allows transparent Accept negotiation of WebP assets - no need to modify your existing applications. Either pregenerate the WebP files, or serve WebP files dynamically to approriate clients.

Getting started

Download or copy the configuration file and run your server. For example:

$> nginx -c /path-to/webp-detect/nginx.conf
$> varnishd -a :8081 -T localhost:6082 -F -f varnish.vcl

With the above in place, access the page and look at the request header appended by the server - you will see a new WebP header sent to your application server if the browser supports WebP.

What about server X?