Migrate your Things todo database into The Hit List
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A Things to The Hit List conversion script

More conversion scripts are available at http://www.ianhowson.com/migrate-between-todo-list-programs.html

5-second README:

  • Back up your shit
  • Run the script
  • Observe that your Things database is now in THL
  • Send me email about what does or does not work: ian@mutexlabs.com

If you can't find your THL folders after conversion, click the little 'Show' link on the right of the FOLDERS heading in THL. It's invisible until you mouseover.

Stuff that isn't converted

  • Areas of Responsibility. I don't use these enough to bother converting them.
  • Repeating tasks. I use these a lot, but Things' AppleScript interface does not expose them. I'll have to go dumpster-diving in its SQLite database.
  • Trash. Didn't care enough.
  • Completion/start/modification/other dates on tasks and folders. THL doesn't seem to let me change them through AppleScript, so... I'll have to mess with SQLite again.
  • Probably lots more that I haven't though of.