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A file system/markdown based knowledge base editor/viewer
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A file system/markdown based knowledge base editor/viewer


You can try the demo at:

- Login
email: admin
password: secretpass

P.S. the demo is reset every 10 minutes


MYKB is a file system/markdown based knowledge base editor/viewer built with Next.js

Current features:

  • live preview when editing a doc
  • live file system watching
  • caching of docs to speed up searching/viewing of docs
  • offline viewing of cached docs (requires browser that supports service workers)
  • automatic git versioning
  • automatic trusting of Cloudflare reverse proxies


  • With Docker

    docker run --name mykb -v /path/to/docs:/kb -v /path/to/config:/config --env "PUID=USER_ID" --env "PGID=GROUP_ID" -p 3000:3000 ijjk/mykb:latest
  • With yarn (or npm)

    1. Clone repo
      git clone
    2. Install dependencies
      cd path/to/mykb; yarn
    3. Build it
      yarn build && NODE_ENV=production node ./bin/genSecret.js
    4. Start it
      yarn start


production.json (overrides default.json with production NODE_ENV var)

Name Description
useGit Whether or not to use a git repo to automatically version changes to docs (requires git to be installed)
docsDir The directory where the markdown docs are located
cacheSize Max size of docs to store in memory for faster searching (default 10MB)
trustCloudflare Whether to trust X-Forwarded-For header from Cloudflare IPs (used for rate limiting)

trustIPs.json - An array of proxy-addr compatible addresses to trust the X-Forwarded-For header from (Only needed if behind reverse proxy)


Copyright (c) 2017

Licensed under the MIT license.

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