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MiniKanren - A declarative logic programming system

What is it?

MiniKanren is a relational programming extension to the Scheme programming Language, written as a smaller version of Kanren suitable for pedagogical purposes. It is featured in the book, The Reasoned Schemer, written by Dan Friedman, William Byrd, and Oleg Kiselyov.

How do I install it

Place the directory minikanren and the file minikanren.scm somewhere on your scheme implementations path.

A pkg-list.scm file is also provided for use with dorodango/guildhall

What is its license?

According to its website, and the MiniKanren repository of William Byrd , Kanren, and therefore MiniKanren, is released under the MIT License. See COPYING for details.

How does this version differ from the original repository?

This version has been modified by me (Ian Price), for use in r6rs scheme systems.

I have also taken the decision to add an additional file, minikanren.scm, which provides a subset of the original files which I feel are most useful to be able to get with a single import. All bindings from the original files are still available, but you will need to them import with

(import (minikanren mk)
        (minikanren mkextraforms)
        (minikanren mkprelude))

rather than with

(import (minikanren))

If you would like to challenge this, feel free to drop me an email, or a pull request.