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diodberg runs new experimental climbing wall from 'ikea-lisp-code.

The python diodberg module is currently DEPRECATED. Development on the wall client software has moved to a fork of [Firemix] (

If you are currently working on the wall, I recommend just checking out the repository directly and using classes through the directory hierarchy instead of using the file.

Directory/package contents in python/diodberg/:

  • core

    Basic types, runner, and rendering objects. User applications interact with the wall by directly manipulating pixels on a Panel through an iterator interface. This is a strong candidate for future performance improvements.

  • data

    Sample configuration files.

  • input

    Nothing here! Currently, we lack both software and hardware support for sensor input to the wall while in-flight.

  • user_plugins

    User applications for running visualizations. If you are writing an application to run on the wall, check out things here.

  • renderers

    Simulation, serial, and GPIO interfaces for driving lights.

  • util

    Misc.: random utilities

  • web

    A Flask-based web front-end for configuring, controlling, and running lights.


  • docs

  • firmware

    Device firmware for DMX intermediaries

  • schematics

Package requirements

  • Python 2.7
  • numpy/scipy
  • If simulating plugins: Pygame
  • If running serial protocols: pyserial and RPi
  • If running the web front end: Flask.
  • If using performance optimizations: Numba (and by extension, the Anaconda Python distribution).
  • If using audio input: aubio (and its many dependencies).

Installation and setup instructions

TODO (see above)




Copyright (C) 2013 ikea-lisp-code. Distributed under the MIT License.

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