How do I Participate?

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BEWARE: This is very outdated! Contributing to IKRPG does not work like this anymore! I will change the description accordingly soon!

Everybody who wants to help in providing a reference to the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game (IKRPG) is welcome to contribute to the Inofficial IKRPG Wiki that is hosted in this repository. In order to participate, he/she just needs an account on github, some basic understanding of HTML, and some leisure time.

Contributing content

Before you can provide your content you need to log in to your github account. With an active github session, contributing to the Inofficial IKRPG Wiki starts at the wiki page you want to improve. Lets say, you want to improve the Archetype page. On the upper right corner of the Archetype page, click the green pen icon and you will be redirected to, an online text editor for github.

After authenticating through your logged in github account, presents you with the HTML markup of the Archetype page. You may now change the contents of the page by adjusting the HTML code. When you are finished, press the floppy icon to the right to save your changes. Summarize the applied changes with a short text in the provided textfield and submit.

Rather than taking immediate effect, your changes will now appear as a pull request in this github repository. An admin or moderator will then check your requested change and apply, adjust or reject it. Since we appreciate each contribution, we will most likely apply your change. After the change is applied, it might take up to 10 minutes until it is reflected on the page. This is due to technical reasons.

Advanced users may of course just fork this repository and submit pull requests the usual way.

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