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Imagr is an application designed to be run from a NetInstall environment created with AutoNBI. It is able replace tools such as DeployStudio for many organisations without the requirement of needing to be run on OS X servers.

This is a Python application, so Python will need to be included in your NetInstall.

Development Mailing List: imagr-dev

Support Mailing List: imagr-discuss

Getting Started

The best place to get started with Imagr is the Getting Started page on the wiki.


  • Restore ASR Images (such as those created with AutoDMG)
  • Install macOS via startosinstall
  • Install packages during Imagr run and at first boot
  • Run scripts during Imagr run and at first boot
  • Include other workflows in your workflow, specified statically or using a script
  • Erase and partition disks
  • Rename the machine
  • Protect your users from accidentally wiping their devices by specifying a password for Imagr