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Major features

  • New algorithm for optimal reachability with priority queue (queue-based, with priority to the earliest successor for the selection of the next state)
  • Removed the Gc.major() instruction, that used to require a huge time for large models, while not bringing any benefit for smaller models

Minor features

  • Using the syntax initially <loc name> in the beginning of a PTA (which is not taken into account) now raises a warning.
  • In translation mode, some metrics (numbers of automata, actions, variables, locations…) are printed on the terminal.
  • New option to avoid the inclusion check in EFsynth: useful when very large parameter constraints are manipulated

Bug fixing:

  • Correct errors in displaying PTA (graphics in PDF, PNG, etc.): arithmetic expressions on discrete variables did not print correctly
  • Fix a bug (or an unclarity) in the options for trace set generation

Syntax improvement

  • The prime (') in transition updates becomes optional; the = in transition updates becomes := (backward-compatibility remains ensured until further notices) That is, an update x' = 0 becomes x := 0
  • while [invariant condition] wait{} becomes invariant [invariant condition] (backward-compatibility remains ensured until further notices)


  • The graphical state space now comes in .pdf instead of .jpg for better readability
  • Some metrics are printed in the PTA graphical exports (PTA2PDF, PTA2PNG, PTA2JPG)
  • The trace set now depicts the automaton name in addition to the location name (for example: automaton: location instead of location)
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