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Imixs-Script is a JavaScript library to build powerful web based workflow applications. Imixs-Script is based on JQuery and can be used together with common SPA-Frameworks like Angular, BenJS, EmberJS or your own framework. Imixs-Script handles all the communication with the Imixs-Workflow engine via the Imixs Rest API which makes it easy to build a flexible ans scalable business application.

Learn more about Imixs-Script on the Imixs-Workflow project home

Sample Application

You can checkout the latest release containing sample application which gives an overview about the functionality of Imixs-Script and can be used as a template for own applications.


To start with Imixs-Script you need to deploy an instance of the imixs-workflow engine. This can be done by deploying the sample application or any other Imixs-Workflow project.

Join this Project

If you have any questions our found a problem post it on GitHub. Find more about the Imixs-Workflow on the project home


Imixs-Script is free software, because we believe that an open exchange of experiences is fundamental for the development of usefull software. The results of this project are provided under the GNU General Public License.