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Gestalt Single Stepper Node Firmware


This is the firware the Single Node board used in the Gestalt project by Ilan and Nadya. Which is nice. In this repository you will find files needed to program your Gestalt Single Stepper Node. You can find the files for PCB production in the board folder of this repository. Pick your revision (e.g. rev0.4) and make your own board!


This repository contains Makefile which is used by make to do the following.

  1. Burn the firmware
  2. Set the fuses

At the moment it is configured to use the AVRISP mkII. To make it work with FabISP or other AVR programmer, a lot of people will be happy if you add your custom code and make a pull request.

First make sure that your AVR programmer is connected. There are many ways to do it, I used lsusb on a MacOS system.


The following is what I got in the list.

Atmel Corporation AVRISP mkII

Which is exactly what I need to proceed. We assume that things like avrdude or CrossPack are already installed.

Second, make sure your Gestalt Node is properly connected to a power source, FTDI and AVR programmer.

Connected to AVR programmer

At this point you can use make to burn the firmware.

make program-avrisp2

You should see output with things that look like progress bars and a polite Thank you! at the end.

Third make sure that you set the fuses. For that you have to use make once more.

make program-avrisp2-fuses

It might ask you to reset a fuse on the way, just hit ENTER unless you know what you are doing.

Congratulations! Your Gestalt Node is ready to be used. Now go to the pygestalt repository and continue from there.


Please add anything weird to the issue tracker of this repository. If you see how you can improve things directly, submit a pull request.

Thank you!