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Kube UI Framework CSS & JS
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Kube UI Framework

What is Kube

Kube ("kyu:b") is a web framework for developers and designers alike. Kube is built and designed to provide the most flexible yet powerful CSS & JS framework to the community. Unlike many other web frameworks, Kube is great for both super-fast bootstrapping and for a serious cutting edge, future-proof web development.

See the documentation on the website.

Supported Browsers

Kube supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers:

  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Quick Start


You have our permission to use Kube in whatever projects you wish commercial, for sale, or otherwise, in whichever way you like. Official license information can be find in (spoiler: it's the MIT License)

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