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A SQL-like interface to plywood

⛔️ This project has been deprecated due to SQL support in Druid.


PlyQL is built on top of node so make sure you have node >= 4.x.x installed.

npm install -g plyql

The global install will make the plyql command available system wide.


Currently only queries to Druid are supported. More support will come in the future.

The CLI supports the following options:

Option Description
--help print this help message
--version display the version number
-v, --verbose display the queries that are being made
-h, --host the host to connect to
-s, --source use this source for the query (supersedes FROM clause)
-i, --interval add (AND) a __time filter between NOW-INTERVAL and NOW
-tz, --timezone the default timezone
-q, --query the query to run
-o, --output specify the output format. Possible values: json (default), csv, tsv, flat
-a, --allow enable a behaviour that is turned off by default eternity allow queries not filtered on time select allow select queries
-t, --timeout the time before a query is timed out in ms (default: 60000)
-r, --retry the number of tries a query should be attempted on error, 0 = unlimited, (default: 2)
-c, --concurrent the limit of concurrent queries that could be made simultaneously, 0 = unlimited, (default: 2)
--rollup use rollup mode [COUNT() -> SUM(count)]
--druid-version Assume this is the Druid version and do not query for it
--skip-cache disable Druid caching
--introspection-strategy Druid introspection strategy. Use --help for possible values
--force-time force a column to be interpreted as a time column
--force-string force a column to be interpreted as a string column
--force-boolean force a column to be interpreted as a boolean column
--force-number force a column to be interpreted as a number column
--force-unique force a column to be interpreted as a hyperLogLog uniques
--force-theta force a column to be interpreted as a theta sketch
--force-histogram force a column to be interpreted as an approximate histogram (for quantiles)

For information on specific operators and functions supported by PlyQL please see: PlyQL language reference.


For an introduction and examples please see: PlyQL language reference.


Here is a list of features that is not currently supported that are in the works:

  • Query simulation - preview the queries that will be run without running them
  • Sub-queries in WHERE clauses
  • JOIN support
  • Window functions

Questions & Support

For updates about new and upcoming features follow @implydata on Twitter.

Please file bugs and feature requests by opening and issue on GitHub and direct all questions to our user groups.

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